10 Stunning Modern Conference Tables That Will Impress Your Clients


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You can’t go wrong with a high-quality modern conference table for impressing clients and enhancing your office space. Besides looking great, they can communicate a company’s values and culture to visitors.

When choosing a conference table, ensure it fits your existing space. It should also provide enough room for everyone to sit comfortably.


The Boat-Shaped conference table offers the best sightlines- every seat can view the presenter without any interference. This table is available in a variety of sizes and finishes.

Additional desking, storage, and reception pieces are also available to round out your industrial-inspired workspace. All are Greenguard certified to support better indoor air quality for offices, homes, and schools.


If you want a modern conference table that will impact your office, look no further. There are many stunning options available to choose from, such as Juniper Office, that will be sure to impress your clients.

While function is often more important, it can still be hard to ignore the aesthetics that the conference room carries with it. A good conference table is a focal point that shows your clients and potential employees you are serious about your work.


Stunning and versatile, the U-shape conference table is perfect for any informal meeting space or boardroom. Its heavy metal round disc bases provide stability, while a stylish two-piece laminate top with a 3mm edge band easily withstands everyday use.

Choose your table based on the room’s purpose and how you plan to use it. If you have multiple employees, you may want a modular design that allows them to break into smaller discussion groups.


A round conference table can be a stunning modern design element for any office space. This table type is egalitarian and encourages collaboration by providing everyone with a clear line of sight.

This table is available in various materials and finishes to fit any room decor perfectly. Choose from popular woods like beech, oak, cherry, and walnut, or select a beautiful glass finish for a contemporary look.


The Square conference table is one of the most stunning modern conference tables on the market. This versatile piece is available in different sizes and can be customized to meet your needs.

Many offer this eye-catching table from the Quorum Multiconference series. It has a high-quality laminate top with radius corners and comes with three power and communication modules.

The table is available in four sizes and comes with several whiteboard finishes for meeting functionality. It also features a unique connection system to make it incredibly adaptable.


A sleek, modern conference table is the perfect way to impress your clients. Whether it’s an elegant glass design or one with a bold color, conference tables are critical to any office space.

This glass conference table pairs a clear glass top with post-and-beam style brushed stainless steel. Its simple design is sized to seat up to four after assembly (chairs not included).


A top-notch conference table is essential to successful meetings, and plenty of great options exist. However, picking the best one for your office can be tricky, so it pays to shop around and find out what suits your needs before purchasing.

The Glossy conference table is a stunning modern design that will impress your clients and make your room stand out. It’s also a practical piece of furniture and will serve you well for years.


You will adore the glossy gray finish of this stunning conference table that looks as though it was meant to be! This gorgeous modern table has a 79″ wide top and can extend to 98″, so you can fit many people around it.

This table comes in various colors from Meet & Co Office Furniture and is highly durable. It is also an affordable option! An excellent choice for any conference room and will serve your company well for years.

Glossy Wood

The Glossy Wood Conference Table is a stunning piece that will impress your clients. It’s incredibly sleek, modern, and sturdy enough to withstand years of use.

Its glass top is glossy and satin fingerless – glare-free finishes. It also hides fingerprints for a clean, professional look.

Achieving a high gloss sheen on wood can be difficult, but it’s doable with patience and following the correct steps. You can start by sanding the wood to make it even and then apply several coats of a high gloss finish.

Glossy Metal

A modern conference table like the Glossy Metal makes a stunning statement in any workspace. The ceramic top and metal base combine to create an eye-catching, unique, and bold look.

The tabletop can be matched in wood veneer, HPL, or specialty laminate; contrasting colors are optional. The tabletop also includes a power/data module.

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