A Healthy Pet: 7 Simple Health Care to Prevent Diseases


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Veterinarian Gisele Starowski shares tips on how to improve her best friend’s health

Pets are man’s best friends. Whether it is a dog or a cat, pets have become inseparable from humans.

Therefore, it is very important that the health of the pet is always up to date! Factors such as tooth brushing, fur, paw cleaning, and bathing should be prioritized according to your little friend’s characteristics to keep your little friend healthy and happy.

Thus, the veterinarian Gisele Starowski shares a series of tips on the care to be taken into account with pets:

At the Time of Bathing, What Are The Main Habits That the Teacher Should Follow That Help in the Prevention of Diseases?

The baths must be carried out according to veterinary instructions, since they depend on the breed and other special factors of each animal. In addition, another point to highlight is the drying of the animal after bathing, which must be done carefully to avoid burns due to improper use of the dryer. Also, the paws, especially between the toes, should be sanitized and dried immediately after bathing. Ears and eyes should be carefully cleaned after bathing. Ears can be cleaned with physiological ear cleaners as needed. On the other hand, the eyes can be cleaned with saline solution with the help of gauze, being careful not to hurt them.

Do you Need to Brush Your Pet’s Teeth? How Often?

The most appropriate thing is to brush your teeth daily, in order to avoid a series of diseases in the oral cavity. This daily care mainly prevents the development of tartar, bad breath and other complications. Remember that the products used must also be for veterinary use (toothpastes are not indicated for human use). Brushing can be done with selected brushes or with the help of gauze wrapped around the finger.

Some handy products like mouth sprays and bad breath foams can also help, as they have antimicrobial properties. But it is important to keep in mind that it does not replace the brush, it only helps in cases where daily brushing or brushing every 48 hours is not possible.

Can Brushing Pet Hair Help Prevent Disease? Do They Have to be Regular?

In long-haired dogs, brushing the coat daily can prevent tangles from occurring, as well as remove dead hair and keep the skin and coat clean. These benefits are also seen in short-haired dogs, but the frequency of brushing may be decreased. In cats, brushing is also very important, since it prevents the ingestion of hair, and with it the formation of the famous hairballs.

Regarding Housing, Beds, Water and Food Utensils, is There a Risk of Contamination? What is the Correct Way to Sterilize Them to Ensure the Well-Being of Pets?

There is no exact frequency for cleaning the beds. It should always be sanitized when necessary with neutral products to avoid the accumulation of dirt. Food and water utensils should be sanitized at least twice a week, as the buildup of food debris can contribute to the growth of microorganisms that can be harmful to pets.

Can the Tours Put the Health of Pets at Risk? What Are the Points that Teachers Should Pay Attention to?

Walking animals should be kept up to date on their vaccination schedule and the use of flea and tick repellants. That’s because while walking, pets are susceptible to a number of diseases that can be easily prevented with such care.

Are There Hygiene Precautions to Take in the Colder or Warmer Seasons?

On cool, humid days, it’s important to keep your nails clean after walking to prevent moisture between your toes. And in the summer, it’s important to keep flea and tick treatments up to date, as well as regular baths, as outdoor play becomes more frequent.

Should Teachers be Careful When Handling a Pet? Is There a Risk of Disease Transmission Due to Lack of Hygiene?

Teachers should clean the cat litter box daily and thoroughly sanitize their hands soon after. In addition, it is always important to remember the importance of annual vaccination, which prevents a series of diseases in the coat. Deworming should also be used according to veterinary indications.

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