Are you Going to Travel? See Helpful Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy


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Hairstylist Adriano Goncalves explains that a little care is necessary to keep your hair healthy before and after your trip

The beginning of the year is that time when most people take vacations and decide to travel to relax. Some choose seaside destinations. Others, in turn, prefer places with clubs. Even if you want comfort, it’s important that hair care follows suit to maintain the health (and beauty!) of strands.

Hairstylist Adriano Goncalves says a little care makes all the difference when cutting and thus helps avoid serious damage. The first tip is to take a break from using irons and dryers. They contribute to the destruction of cables, which would already be naturally exposed to heat. This tip is suitable for all hair types, with or without chemicals.

“Before going to the beach or the pool, be sure to nourish your hair. Use creams and moisturize with oils. In the second case, apply from root to tip and leave it on for two hours. There are many products that help with this task. My advice is to choose the most condensed one. Don’t forget the hat because apart from giving elegance to your beach look, it will protect your hair,” he said.

Adriano explains that the salt in seawater dehydrates the hair due to the pH above 8 and causes the strands to towel off. On the other hand, pool chlorine wreaks havoc, especially on painted bricks, as its oxidizing action can lighten hair.

“To prevent damage, hydration is essential. Chlorine also damages the amino acids in the strands, which can damage the natural resistance. To avoid this, use a swimming cap, but it is also possible to wet your hair with clean water before entering the bath, sea or pool. This will make the curls absorb less water than if they were dry. After exposure to sea salt or any chemical, wash your hair immediately.”

When it comes to protection, the expert says that leave-in is essential when exposed to the sun, especially when hair changes color. In addition to thermal protection, it helps restore capillaries, seals the cuticle, protects against UV rays and prevents corrosion of chemically treated hair. This product is rich in formulas that benefit hydration, so apply before you leave the house.

If your hair has come into contact with sea salt or chlorine, it is recommended that you wash it as soon as you get home. By being careful, you prevent these components from penetrating the cables and help minimize damage. Another tip is to bet on anti-sediment shampoos.

Blonde Hair:

During the summer, care with blonde hair should be doubled. Exposure to the sun, chlorine or sea water can damage the color and health of the hair. When you don’t have the proper care, external factors cause exfoliation, breakage and can end your shine.

“During this period, do not neglect the water. For blondes, this is the most important part, as the strands need water and nutrients, and by moisturizing you give it to them. Remember: if the color has faded or yellowed, go to the hairdresser to receive the care that will restore the color. Usually products are indicated that will restore and return the beauty of your hair”.

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