Bruna Linzmeyer Dedicates a Song to Her Girlfriend: “About Our Love”


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The actress revealed that she does not intend to go out as a singer for now, but she made the song just to surprise her lover.

Actress Bruna Lensmeer dates DJ Marta Supernova and often advertises her lover on social media. She recently revealed that he made a song for her. In an interview with Kim, he commented on this surprise: “I’ve been writing for a while. I wrote a poem for him, which will put this text to music. It’s about love, about our love. I haven’t had much trouble in love, but I’m in a good place. Calm down,” he said.

Still in the interview, she confirmed that she had no intention of coming out as a singer, which was just another gift to her lover: “This song is a half-spoken poem. I’m more on the songwriting side than the singing side. I’m saying that.” Now. If you ask me this next week, I might change my mind.”

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