Casacor Brasilia: 5 Trends in Furniture From This Year’s Fair


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Dictating the country’s decoration and architecture trends, the exhibition is open to the public until November 2 at Mané Garrincha

Celebrating 30 years in Brasilia, CASACOR has held more than one special exhibition for its visitors. Located in a classic monument of the Brazilian capital, the gallery uses Mané Garrincha’s balcony to show 52 spaces, built by more than 80 professionals.

To explore the latest innovations in architecture, décor, and landscaping, we’ve broken down some of the trends that may inspire those about to undergo a renovation.

Uncut Furniture

Often seen at CASACOR Brasilia 2022, no-cutout sofas, armchairs and lounge chairs seem to be on the rise. Setting a trend, this year the exhibitors bet on this model as a way to provide Bossa Furniture with all the spaces.


he is back! Leather, a much loved decoration from the early 2000s, has regained space in homes. At CASACOR, its use has been explored in various ways, including as a headboard.


A brand from Brasilia, the tiles are always at CASACOR. The mosaics made from the pieces published by Athos Pulcao in Architecture of Brasilia, give La Bossa the most diverse environments and also allow creative shapes that make each wall unique.

However, at CASACOR, the pieces can be seen in different formats. For the architects MSA Arquitetura & Interiores and ON Arquitetura, tiles were used for the coffee table.

“I have a weaver that produces unique designs and leaves each unique piece, like the ones we brought here, explains Luciana Canali, who heads Quina Azulejaria.

Round Mirrors

We said before that organic shapes are on the rise (read here) and they really are! There are no corners when it comes to modern decorating trends. In addition to sofas and armchairs, fluidity also conquered the mirrors in this year’s exhibition.


Could this be the end of the chest case? The main focus of this year’s CASACOR Pros was comfort. Low beds were preferred and their use was explored using various supports: tufted, velvet, suspended wood and even leather.

Bonus: Old Straw Cloth

The special Infinito theme allowed professionals to search for rescues from the past through the decoration. Like the leather or traditional beds, the straw fabric was also a bet for this year.

Many spaces used the classic element, very widespread in Brazil at the end of the 19th century, in unconventional settings. In some environments it appears on benches, pillows and even on the bedside table.

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