Different Types of Soft Starters and Their Benefits


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Are you or do you know a small business owner who wants an easier start-up for their business? You’re looking for a way to ease into the day or use less energy for the process.

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you need a soft starter for your business. You might be asking yourself how soft starters work, why you need one, and what types of them. Keep reading to find out!

Reduced Voltage Starters

Reduced voltage starters are used to control the speed and torque of a motor. Motor soft starters are connected to a power source by a set of contacts and a voltage is applied across them.

When the motor starts, the voltage is reduced. It decreases the amount of current flowing through the motor and reduces the speed and torque. This allows motors to get up to full speed without stressing or damaging the equipment or causing any form of personal injury due to excessive current.

Reduced voltage starters increase the efficiency of the motors. This is by providing smoother starts, increased torque for applications with power reductions at the start, reduced electrical and mechanical stress on motors, and reduce mechanical vibrations of the system. They are also used in applications where a smooth start and stop are necessary.

Solid State Starters

Solid-state starters are a type of device that uses silicon-controlled rectifiers (SCRs). This is to reduce the power required to start an electric motor. This starter contains an array of power transistors that can control the speed and current of the motor.

These devices were used with AC motors. They have since been adapted to work with DC motors. Solid-state starters provide an efficient way to start up an electric motor.

They offer many benefits over traditional starters. These include reduced starting current, improved starting torque, and reduced mechanical shock on the motor.

Solid-state starters are the ideal choice for applications that need high starting frequencies. These can be conveyor belts, ventilation equipment, and elevators.

They are also well suited for applications where temperature sensitivity is a concern. The operating temperature of solid-state starters is often lower than that of more traditional starters. With a helpful guide to soft start circuitry, one can have a better understanding of how soft starter benefits you.

Slipping Control Starters

Slipping control starters increase the motor’s torque output. It provides smooth and controlled acceleration. This can help reduce strain on the motor and decrease motor heating.

Slipping control starters reduce mechanical stress on the connected equipment. It also reduces the noise generated by mechanical components like belts and pulleys.

One of the primary benefits of this type of soft starter is energy savings due to having a pre-set starting ramp. With this type of soft starter, there is no need for a bypass contactor. It results in reduced installation or maintenance costs.

Slipping control starters provide greater stability and do not affect the power factor.

Knowing Soft Starters

Soft starters provide major benefits in energy savings and improved efficiency. They open up possibilities for us to reduce costs and environmental impacts. They provide a smoother starting experience.

With the widespread availability of different types, everyone can choose according to individual needs. Try a soft starter now and tap into its extensive benefits!

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