Discovering the Advantages of Bluetooth Hearing Aids


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Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows devices to communicate over short distances. It’s used in many different devices, from cell phones to printers, but hearing aids are also beginning to be equipped with this feature.

With Bluetooth, you can stream audio directly from a wide range of devices to your hearing aids. This improves your sound quality and makes listening to music or talking on the phone much more accessible.

Streaming Audio

Streaming audio directly from your phone, tablet or TV to your hearing aids is an excellent way to improve listening enjoyment. It provides personalization and convenience that wasn’t possible before and allows you to hear more clearly at any volume.

You’ll also have more control over the sound that you hear, whether it’s music, TV or a conversation with your family and friends. You can adjust the volume, switch programs and even control your phone with your hearing aids.

Bluetooth hearing aids use a small streamer pendant, which may be worn around your neck or in a pocket for hands-free operation. If you need to change the volume or program of your streamer, you can do so from your mobile device, or you can turn it off and restart it.

The benefits of bluetooth hearing aids for streaming audio is that it reduces the amount of background noise that can distract you from what’s important. This can help you enjoy conversations in noisy environments or social gatherings where there might be too much background noise to hear your speech.

A common question for people considering bluetooth hearing aids is how to connect them to a smartphone or tablet. This is a simple process that involves pairing your hearing aids to a streamer and then linking the streamer to your devices. If you receive a call while you’re listening to the audio on your tablet, for example, the streamer will pause that content and connect to your hearing aids so that you can answer the call.

Personalized Sound

When you wear hearing aids with bluetooth, you can enjoy a more seamless experience than ever before. With this technology, your iPhone or Android phone can stream music, calls and more directly to the hearing aids in your ears, bringing the world closer than ever before.

The most notable advantage of Bluetooth hearing aids is that you can enjoy high-quality sound without worrying about interference, wind or other factors affecting your listening experience. Bluetooth also uses several channels to avoid signal instability, which is a considerable benefit when listening in noisy or windy situations like an airplane cabin.

Another advantage of Bluetooth-compatible hearing aids is that they make it easy to adjust volume and programs through a smartphone app. Some bluetooth-enabled hearing aids are also compatible with a voice assistant, so you can use your voice to change programs, adjust settings and manage volume.

Depending on the type of hearing loss you have and the device you choose, bluetooth-enabled hearing aids can offer different features to meet your needs. These features include tinnitus masking, feedback cancellation, background noise reduction and speech enhancement.

Easy Control

The ability to easily control your hearing aids is one of the most appealing aspects of bluetooth technology. This allows you to make adjustments directly from your phone and sometimes even from other devices like a TV or computer.

This also eliminates the need to keep your hearing aid in a pocket or purse, which can be a huge distraction when listening to music. It also makes it easy to adjust your hearing aids while on the go, which can be particularly useful for people with limited mobility or whose ears are sensitive.

Bluetooth hearing aids can even be controlled with an app on your phone or tablet. This allows you to easily adjust things like volume, frequency amplification, and background sounds, regardless of whether you’re in your home or out of town.

In addition to controlling your hearing aids, Bluetooth technology can help you enjoy more of what life offers. It can help you watch TV without annoying your family or friends with loud volume, stream audio from a device, and more.

Otofonix has two Bluetooth hearing aids in their product line-up, the Groove and Sona models. These hearing aids are app-controlled for wireless adjustments and feature four pre-configured hearing programs and 10 volume levels. The app also allows you to refine your hearing experience with sound environments based on hearing loss.


Bluetooth technology is used in hearing aids and other electronic devices to allow them to communicate with each other wirelessly. These devices range from cell phones to TVs, laptops, tablets, and more.

Conveniently stream music and audio from your smartphone to your hearing aids with a single tap, whether chatting or listening to music. Made for iPhone hearing aids from Jabra Enhance and Phonak offer this feature. At the same time, Android users have access to direct streaming options from certain manufacturers like Phonak.

Rechargeable hearing aids use Bluetooth to connect to your phone or other electronics for wireless streaming of your favorite sounds and calls. Some even include a convenient charging case small enough to drop in your pocket.

Streaming also lets you listen to TV at a comfortable volume, making it easy for everyone in your family to enjoy their favorite shows. Bluetooth connections work with multiple devices so you can set up different settings for each device.

The downside to bluetooth is that it can sometimes struggle to maintain a connection. Especially if you’re using older smartphones or your hearing aids haven’t been updated to support the latest operating system.

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