Dopamine: Discover What is Trending This Summer


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The dopamine style of dressing has been a hit in the northern hemisphere thanks to the colorful and cheerful look that celebrates the return to the streets.

After two years of social distancing due to the Covid-19 infection, there is nothing more natural than wanting to go out and introduce yourself! It’s no wonder the new trend right now is the dopamine style of dressing, a term used to classify looks with understated colors.

The name of the current trend is inspired by the functions of the human body itself. This is because dopamine is a neurotransmitter that, when released, causes a feeling of happiness. In other words, the goal is to use fashion to evoke emotion.

The call for more joy has to do with the current situation in the world. Two years after the pandemic, where we must remain isolated to avoid infections and more deaths, the vaccine allows us to return to work. The general feeling is the desire to make up for lost time.

So no essential fashion products. Color demand, and in this case, strong tones! Pink rose -like the one shown by Valentino- and yellow, purple and blue ceramics. If it is possible to combine these tones, the better.

Tips for Joining

Colors have a guaranteed place in the hearts of many Brazilian women. Therefore, the dopamine trend could be the bet for the spring/summer season, when temperatures rise and the desire to go outside also increases.

This is reinforced by style consultant Rachel Jordan, author of À Sua Moda. In an interview with La Columna, she said that, having worked in image consulting for more than 10 years, she understands the importance of using color and the impact it conveys. “Nothing is better than wearing colors and communicating with your psychology. After all, they convey messages,” she explains.

For those who want to stick with a dopamine bandage, but still feel insecure, Rachel Jordan’s advice is to choose kits with similar colors. “Choose adjacent hues on the color wheel that have little contrast with each other,” she advises.

But if you already have confidence in yourself and want to challenge yourself, the complementary combinations are your bet! “Whether the colors are warm or cool, the fact that the colors are vibrant and colorful really conveys a continuity of freshness, light and joy,” concluded counselor Rachel Jordan.

Robert J
Robert J
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