Electronic Prescription “Crashed” due to a Technical Problem


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Doctors can only prescribe manuscripts on emergency weekends – Letter from pharmacists to the Minister of Health

Patients and pharmacists are practically going weekends without e-prescription since the system “crashed” and the pharmacies on duty were unable to carry out emergency prescriptions, but even the doctors in the hospitals have not been able to prescribe the patients who arrive at the ER.

As the secretary of the Pharmaceutical Society of Attica (FSA), Elias Gianoglou, pointed out to in.gr, the electronic prescription system “crashed” on the afternoon of Saturday 12 November and remained inactive throughout Sunday 13 November.

For this reason, the Free Syrian Army sent a letter to the Minister of Health asking him to intervene immediately to resolve the problem.

With the speech announced the president of the association and its secretary a. Konstantinos Laurentos and Elias Gianoglu, respectively, stated that they consider unacceptable “the situation that occurred for six hours with interruptions of electronic prescriptions, which has as its main effect the suspension of pharmacies on duty where prescriptions cannot be carried out, as a result of registered quick tests, etc. That.” And they demanded the minister’s immediate intervention “to resume work on the electronic prescription of the IDIKA because its proper functioning is directly related to the protection of citizens’ health”.
Meanwhile, Edica announced on Sunday morning that some technical issues were the cause of the system’s collapse, but returned a few hours later to announce that the system would remain down all day.
The IDIKA referred to the prescription and manual implementation for emergencies and guided pharmacists to carry out the prescriptions, regarding the calculation of patients’ participation in their medicines, as well as the results of rapid tests.

Specifically, IDIKA states that:

Pharmacists are asked:

  • To make the prescriptions today, calculate the amount of payment to the patient through the software you are using and execute the prescription electronically when the system is restored and
  • For rapid test results, please provide a handwritten certificate today and record the rapid test result in the Covid-19 log when the system restarts.”
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