Expert Revealed 5 Caching Errors that Destroy the Next Day


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Anyone with frizzy, curly hair knows that the next day, the next day, is always a surprise. After the threads rub against the pillowcase during sleep, it is practically impossible to know how the braids will behave. However, betting on a few tricks and investing in certain products can help bring back the highlights when you wake up.

“The main thing is not only to think about it later, but to limit the damage. How do you sleep to avoid excessive frizz for example? Our hair naturally has frizz, but you can reduce it with a pillowcase or a satin cap”, advises the stylist specializing in curly hair La Corrugada Carol Castillo. to remember? Simply balance the wires and apply a light oil or terminal repair to straighten the bend.

Now, if that routine didn’t happen the night before, it’s imperative to use the right products for the next day, like leave-in mist, hydrating mist, and curl-enhancing toner. The result will depend on your expectations, remember the hairdresser. The more hydrated the hair and with the product, the greater definition.

“In this step, it is enough to sprinkle a little water and the product on the unmarked parts so that the tape moves again on these strands, then it is enough to knead and let the strands dry naturally or with the help of a dispenser ,” Carroll teaches.

Even when it does, wouldn’t this work for you? She reviews five common cache mistakes that slow down the next day, according to the expert:

You Are Not Moisturizing Your Hair

The first fundamental part to achieve defined and hydrated curly hair is to bet on correctly washing and conditioning the threads. “Because of the curved shape, curls have a harder time retaining water and nutrients, so hydration needs to be replenished weekly,” says the stylist.

You Don’t Wash Your Hair Well

The correct washing also has a lot to do with fixing: the correct thing to do is to use shampoo only from the root, massage gently with the fingertips and rinse with warm or cold water. “By following these steps, you’re guaranteed to have clean, hydrated hair that more easily maintains its definition.”

You Are Combing Badly

Finishing is also necessary to ensure that the selected curls last as long as possible. “The most democratic and effective method is duct tape, which involves separating the hair into strips and kneading from bottom to top to encourage flexing. Try as many techniques as possible to see which one is most effective for your hair type” , he points out. outside.

Wash Your Hair With Hot Water

Do you remember the importance of hydration to ensure that the threads are identified? Hot water is one of the biggest villains of the perfect day after! “The high temperature strips and moisturizes the natural oil of the hair, dries out the scalp and leaves the strands without water and nutrients, so when you wash your hair, always prefer warm or cold water,” adds the expert.

You Sleep With Wet Hair

“Many people think that washing your hair and going straight to bed can guarantee perfect definition the next day, but in reality, it’s quite the opposite: by sleeping with wet hair, you create the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive. fungi can cause the scalp to flake, which causes dandruff, itchiness and inflammation, which can lead to weakness and brittleness, and guess what, there’s no definition,” he notes. The same reasoning applies when installing damp curls: wait until hair is completely dry and, if necessary, use a diffuser on a cool stream.

Bonus Tip: Sleep With a Satin Pillowcase/Sham and Wear a Pineapple Cake and Use it

An accessory every curl or curl lover should have by definition, satin pillowcases/shams prevent the threads from rubbing against the pillow fabric, thus preventing the curls from unraveling or frizzing. The pineapple bun is a very popular hairstyle for everyday curly hair, but apart from this, it is also perfect for securing that day after day.

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