Fluminense Loses, Recovers and Draws with Botafogo in the Maracana


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Despite seeing the rival score two goals in the match, Fluminense managed to retake the second half and made no changes to the table.

Fluminense and Botafogo tied, 2 x 2, on Sunday (10/23), in a match held at the Maracana, valid for the 33rd round of the Brazilian championship.

He won the result in a comeback after Alfinegro scored two goals early in the match. As a result, Fluminense was in fifth place with 55 points, as was Botafogo in 11th place with 44 points.

The Game

Less than a minute before kick-off, Caligari found a solitary Arias in the area, who calmly received the ball and shot over the goal. However, the attacker was offside. At 5 minutes, Fluminense had another chance. With a cross pass in the area, Martinelli centered on goal.

At the age of 17, the role of Botafogo threatened his rival in Rio for the first time. Marsal lifted the ball in the area and Costa headed it. However, Fabio defended the attempt. In the 22nd minute, Patrick de Paula took a risk from distance, but ended up isolated.

The rival responded in the 34th minute with a ball to the post by Kano, who received it at the entrance to the area and kicked it on the opposite side. The team then managed a good exchange of passes until Yago came face to face with Kitten. The attempt was stopped by a great defense by the goalkeeper.

The net opened in the 40th minute of the first half. Junior Santos kicked the ball right and Eduardo quickly caught it, sending the ball into the corner. The goalkeeper Fábio could not defend and the visitor went ahead.

Before the end of the first stage, Fluminense had another chance. Goss took the corner and was partially eliminated by Adrelson. Arias takes the leftovers and kicks the first shot. But the ball went close to the post and went out.

Fluminense had a good opportunity at the beginning of the second half. With 3 minutes left, Yago greeted the area, turned around and introduced himself. The ball ended up in defense of Gattito. In the sixth, Nathan tried to take risks from outside the area, but Alfinegra’s defense did not let the ball advance.

In the next step, Givinho received from Junior Santos, behind Martinelli, and finished off a cross after sweeping the area. With that movement, the striker scored Botafogo’s second goal.

From minute 19 to 21, three yellow cards were drawn. The first was from Tiquinho Soares, due to a lack of Yago. Soon Jansu and Marsal turned yellow due to feud.

Still at 21, Alfinegro scored another goal, but it was marked offside. Givinho passes the ball on the counterattack to Gabriel Pérez, who kicks it from outside the box. And he gave Fabio the opportunity to rebound and Tequinho hit the goal in an irregular position.

At 28, a clear chance for Fluminense. Matthews Martins dribbles past Daniel Borges and Patrick de Paula drops him in the area. Gansu hit the penalty that cut the difference in the classics.

The tricolor fans, who went crazy with the goal, grew even more in the 36th minute. Kano received the ball in the area and was blocked when shooting. However, the ball fell to Arias, who played for Nathan. The midfielder kicked, Gattito defended and Mateus Martins hit the net again.

In the 43rd minute, Del Piage and Patrick de Paula tried to get the team back in front. Tekinho received it in the area and nailed it to Del Biagi, who shot the ball, but it exploded in the defense. Patrick de Paula tried to risk the wreckage from afar, but to no avail.

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