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The selection aims to prepare and search for professionals; look what they are

Estimates from the Brazilian Association of ICT Companies (Brascom)
That by 2024, the demand for technology professionals will be 70,000 vacancies per year, while the number of graduates will reach 46 thousand. With the Opportunity Scenario, large companies interested in this demand are offering free technical training courses for all audiences.
Strong names in the market such as Ifood, Santander, C & A, Itaú, BASF and Samsung Free Training Courses in Online Talent Exploration for their companies. If this is your goal, check out some open enrollment options for technology courses below.


To boost the technology market, Ifood launched the “Potência Tech” platform. The initiative is aimed at people with economic and social vulnerabilities. There are over two thousand scholarships for online courses with back-end, front-end, full web and data science training. To participate you must be over 18 years old, reside in Brazil and be under a profile of underrepresentation. See more information on the program website.

Samsung Ocean

The Samsung Technology Innovation Training Program will offer courses in Electronics, Phyton Language, 3D Printing, Scanning, and Android Journey in October, along with 47 free activities. The course schedule and registration are available on the Samsung Ocean website.


The technology multinational listed on the NYSE has open registration for a specific course for black and black people interested in digital commerce. In this Vtex course, students will learn how to use technology to expand their knowledge of online sales. More information and registration are available on the Positive Diversity E-Commerce Training Program website.


Itaú Unibanco promotes the Itaú Devs Bootcamp exclusively for blacks and blacks. The free program aims to take advantage of the work of junior analysts from all over Brazil, finding talent to develop the bank’s technological field, without the need for previous experience.
Certified candidates are hired as Itaú employees from the first day of training to join the bank’s technology team. The program selects, trains and trains about 40 people for each version; by the end of the year, more than 200 tech vacancies for the bank will be filled by people who want to work as back-end developers.

To participate, you must be over 18 years old, able to work full time (8 hours per day) and have knowledge of logical reasoning. Higher education or professional technical experience will not be valued. Interested parties should keep an eye out for new lessons on the program’s website.

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