Giovanna Ewbank launched I AM G, a Brand Focused on BeachWear


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With the arrival of summer in the southern hemisphere, it’s time to play with beachwear. Knowing this, actress Giovanna Eubank brought another beachwear brand onto the Brazilian fashion radar. I AM G was born with inspiration in freedom and self-respect.

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“Free people are wonderful. When we talk about freedom it’s not about total freedom because the freedom of one is in conflict with the freedom of the other. We really believe in identity. Being what you are is, yes, the greatest freedom.” in the world. And being what we want does not mean that we are always the same. Also. This is the blessing of life, our constant evolution”, presented the Giovanna Eubank brand on Instagram.

The first edition of I AM G is the summer 2022 collection. Among the pieces are mainly bikinis and swimsuits. Blouses, skirts, shorts, dresses, pants, shirts and even jackets complete the set. One of the bets of the new label is the modeling that ensures comfort.

There is a wide range of colors, vibrant prints and various patterns in the repertoire. Lace-ups and a V-neckline add to the elements. Among the accessories, the poster is distinguished by embossed hats.

According to Giovanna Ewbank herself, the brand was created for people with different body types and lifestyles. I AM G means everything I imagine we can be, but the ‘G’ could be everything, it could be hot, hot, green, cold, gluttonous… The ‘G’, could be with an ‘E’, Why example, commissioner!”, he explained, in a statement.

“But yes, she also represents Giovanna G. This woman who, like all of us, is balanced in a thousand aspects of her… in my case, between artist, presenter, anti-racist, mother, wife, businesswoman and enthusiast. , among many other me”, added the founder of YO SOY J.


I AM G was born with an online focus, and the Summer 2022 collection is now available on the website. The first set will be sold at a maximum of 20 pieces of each model, due to small-scale production.

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Robert J
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