Gym: 5 Habits That Make it Difficult to Develop in Training


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Many times we do not imagine it, but certain beliefs and myths of the gym usually -and many- hinder your development in bodybuilding. These are the habits and situations that end up involving us in an exercise routine without even realizing it.

To prevent this from happening and ensure good performance in the gym, the physical education teacher, Leonardo Lima, has listed the main myths that can slow down your growth. paying:

Cardio Workouts Before Weight Training Help You Lose Weight

Myth. This is because the main energy substrate used during physical activity is glycogen. “Because strength training depletes muscle glycogen stores, when doing aerobic exercise right after weight training, the body will have to use body fat stores as an energy substrate,” explains the professor.

Bodybuilding Will Make you Really Big

It depends. Weight training will increase the volume of muscle tissue, however, fat tissue is larger than muscle. For example, a bodybuilder weighing 90 kilograms may have a smaller body size than a stable person of the same height and weight. “This means that a bodybuilder can see his measurements decrease as his training progresses,” he explains.

Older People Should Avoid Training

myth. Studies have shown the benefits of weight training for older people, because older people, of course, suffer from a loss of muscle mass. In addition, weight training brings many benefits, such as reduced joint pain and increased readiness, says the specialist.

Bodybuilding Does Not Help You Lose Weight

myth. When weight training increases muscle size, it provides a boost in metabolism, especially at rest. “This factor causes an increase in caloric expenditure, and therefore a reduction in weight,” says Leonardo.

No Pain the Next Day? So the Training Was Poor.

myth. “A well-known post-workout soreness is the body’s muscle inflammation response that can simply stop occurring as the body gets used to it. So soreness is by no means a significant sign of progression,” he concludes.

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