Hiring a Medical Office Cleaning Service


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When hiring a cleaning service, it’s essential to find one that understands the unique needs of medical offices. This will ensure they follow all necessary protocols and procedures to help maintain your facility’s highest level of cleanliness.

A professional cleaner will also know what products they need and how to clean them correctly. This will help ensure your facility remains clean and sanitary all year round!

What to Expect

When hiring a medical office cleaning service, you want to ensure that the team has experience with specialized medical cleaning requirements. This is important because you’ll be relying on them to provide all the required standards are met.

They need to know how to disinfect every surface in the medical office so that it won’t be a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. You’ll also want to ensure they use EPA-registered disinfectants and steam cleaning technology for maximum results.

Another critical thing to consider when hiring a medical office cleaning service is their turnover rates. If a company has high turnover, it can be detrimental to your facilities, patients’ health and reputation.

A reputable medical office cleaning service will have systems to ensure the work is performed correctly, including training and inspections. This will ensure that your facility is safe for patients and staff.

What to Bring

Medical offices require a much higher standard of cleanliness than other types of office space. A commercial cleaning service can help by following a strict protocol and using hospital-grade EPA-registered disinfectants.

When hiring a cleaning service to clean your medical facility, ask if they have the necessary certifications and permits. This is important because it shows they have the expertise to clean bloodborne pathogens, use specialist disinfectants and operate ATP monitors.

Verifying that they have the proper equipment and supplies for your medical facility is also essential. This includes disinfectants and sanitizing wipes.

The best cleaning services will have experience in the medical industry and a thorough understanding of the specific requirements. This is especially true if you are at a doctor’s office or dental clinic.

It is essential to prioritize cleaning high-touch areas such as sinks, door handles, exam tables and nurse call buttons. It is also vital to ensure that soiled towels are cleaned as soon as possible and that all HVAC ducts are regularly sanitized.


A medical office is a highly regulated environment that requires specialized cleaning techniques and procedures. Hiring a professional medical office cleaning service with extensive experience will help ensure compliance with CDC, HIPAA and OSHA standards.

A thorough, sanitized, and disinfected medical office is key to protecting patients and staff from infection. This involves using hospital-level disinfectants to remove harmful microorganisms.

A sanitized environment can increase patient comfort and help heal the sick, making your staff feel more secure. It can also promote a positive mood and keep visitors coming back.


When hiring a medical office cleaning service, you want to ensure they are trained and can perform the task safely. This is particularly important since medical facilities are likely to have equipment that can be contaminated with blood, germs and other fluids.

Luckily, hiring a company specializing in this cleaning type is possible. These companies have the knowledge, tools and processes to clean medical facilities to CDC standards.

For example, they will use hospital-grade disinfectants and steam cleaning technology to kill viruses and bacteria in hard-to-reach areas. They also ensure that waste is disposed of correctly.

The best way to ensure your employees are safe is by choosing a company that understands the risks and how to minimize them. This will help protect your team and your patients. Additionally, it will increase the quality of your facility’s cleaning and improve patient satisfaction and the overall health of your building.

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