In 50% of Lung Cancer Deaths in Advanced Stages


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A campaign to raise awareness of lung cancer begins in Europe with the aim of early diagnosis, better treatment and reduced mortality.

You don’t have to smoke or be a passive smoker to get lung cancer – anyone with two lungs can get lung cancer. But people often don’t get tested because they don’t know they’re at risk.

The result is that the mortality rate rises above 50% when lung cancer is detected at an advanced stage, when there is less chance of survival. It is the deadliest cancer in Europe.

With this in mind, Lung Cancer Europe (LuCE) for European lung cancer patients, in collaboration with FairLife Lung Lung Cancer Care and Prevention and 19 member organizations, is implementing a lung cancer awareness campaign to mark the Month of Lung Cancer Awareness in November.

The aim of the campaign is to encourage people to be screened for lung cancer if they develop symptoms or develop risk factors for the disease. But many people are unaware of the symptoms and risk factors for lung cancer.

“Our aim is to raise awareness of lung cancer symptoms and risks so that more people are screened for lung cancer early,” said Anne-Marie Beard, President of Lung Cancer Europe (LuCE).

Anyone With Lungs

“Remember that anyone with a lung can develop lung cancer. The earlier the disease is detected, the better the outcome. Don’t delay diagnosis!” the media campaign organizers note, noting that the Get Diagnostics 2022 builds on the Get Checked Campaign 2021, focusing on the diagnostics process and steps.

Agency representatives note that having any symptoms or exposure to any of the risk factors means you shouldn’t wait any longer.

Don’t postpone your exams! Campaign messages claim that early diagnosis can not only save your life, but also improve its quality.

The Examination

At the first symptoms, agencies suggest that patients talk to their doctor, who can refer them to a specialist. The specialist, in turn, may order tests to determine the presence of lung cancer.

Questions or concerns about getting tested can be addressed via the Lung Cancer Europe website or by contacting local member organizations in each country directly.

The awareness campaign is supported by the European Society of Lung Diseases, the European Lung Foundation and the European Patients Forum.

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