Kate Made the Decision When She Discussed ‘Motherhood Issues’ with the Queen


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To make a maternal decision, Kate Middleton had to speak with Queen Elizabeth, the late paternal grandmother of her husband, Prince William.

In just five years, the Princess of Wales Kate Middleton and Prince William had three children: George in 2013; Charlotte in 2015; and Louis, 2018. As all parents know, caring for young children requires a lot of energy and time. That is why the royal couple decided to hire a nanny to help them on a daily basis. But before choosing a qualified professional for the job, they needed to obtain an important endorsement.

According to the British magazine Marie Claire, the appointment of a nanny to take care of George, heir to the British throne, had to come under the scrutiny of Queen Elizabeth II, the late queen royal. “The decision to enlist the help of a babysitter was made nearly 10 years ago,” the publication wrote in an article.

According to Marie Claire, Kate discussed “paternal reasons” with the Queen. Listening to her grandson’s wife, Elizabeth gave her a stamp of approval to hire a nanny. The parents turned to the prestigious Norland College, considered the best in the world, “where graduates work for royalty and celebrities from around the world.”

Looking at the details, Norland College trainee Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo suggested working with George’s parents. A source told the magazine: “Kate had a chat with the Queen and confirmed that she was finding it very difficult being alone with George and not having a full-time nanny or maternity nurse.”

In August, the Wells family moved into Adelaide Cottage, a smaller house compared to Kensington Palace, where the clan had previously resided in London. Since the new house in Windsor has only a few bedrooms, Maria Theresa will not be with George, Charlotte and Louis 24 hours a day. However, William or Kate can play it at any time.

baby sister

Maria Theresa began working with the family when George was just six months old. She is one of the trusted professionals of the Princes of Wales, according to the British press. On one occasion, Kate Middleton defined it as “incredible”. As an experienced nanny, her annual salary is just under £120,000.

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