Lemon Benefits: 7 Reasons to Include Fruit in Your Diet


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A nutritionist reveals that the benefits far outweigh the immunity provided by vitamin C

When we talk about the benefits of lemon, you are probably already thinking about immunity. After all, like most citrus fruits, our blue-eyed friend is also rich in vitamin C, a nutrient famous for helping the body fight colds and the flu.

However, the benefits of lemon go much further. Therefore, to prove this fact, nutritionist Dr. Fernando Cerqueira, weight loss and performance specialist, detailed some of the reasons to include fruits in the diet. paying:

The Benefits of Lemon

Helps the Body to Detoxify

“The lemon by itself is not capable of losing weight. But it is considered an important auxiliary element in the detoxification of the organism, since it contains dietary fiber in its composition. This helps satiety and favors the digestion process”, reveals the nutritionist.

Reduce Swelling

He quoted this detox dr. Cerqueira also helps in the proper functioning of the intestines. “Lemon consumption prevents constipation and constipation. It makes the person less bloated,” he adds.

Fight Fluid Retention

Furthermore, eating lemon also helps the body eliminate excess stored fluid. This is a factor that directly contributes to health and well-being. “It is a great diuretic since toxins are eliminated through urine,” says the doctor.

Your Body Thanks You

Rich in Various Vitamins and Minerals.

So, proper consumption of the fruit can prevent many nutritional deficiencies. says Dr Valla.

Boost Immunity

All this abundance of nutrients prepares the body to fight a possible infection. “It works in our body as a powerful antioxidant and helps improve the immune system, preventing diseases such as flu, colds and even anemia,” he says.

Good for the Heart

If you increase your lemon consumption, your heart will thank you. “The fruit is also rich in potassium, an important mineral that helps lower blood pressure. It reduces the chances of heart attacks and strokes in the body,” says the nutritionist.

He has Great Dexterity

Lemon mixed with water, which a person drinks throughout the day, can be eaten in juices, such as lemonade and salad dressing. Some people are allergic to citric acid. Therefore, it is best to be on the lookout for headaches, skin changes, or gastrointestinal pain. Fence.

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