Marketing X Technology: What is Changing for Professionals?


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“Understanding people is what separates the good from the great sellers,” says Camilo Barros of VidMob

Advertising as we know it is constantly and rapidly changing, mainly due to cultural and technological changes. Therefore, it is essential that professionals are always aware of the latest developments. According to a study conducted by LinkedIn, in the last five years, the demand for technical skills in advertising has increased by 47%. These data illustrate the change that the marketing and advertising market has faced. If before everything was moved by “guesses”, today the market has recognized that it is necessary to advance to really affect the client.

Digital has been the driving force behind all the changes and will fundamentally change our lives. However, we must bear in mind that it will be impossible to understand all the available technologies. To win this battle, it is essential for marketers to understand people. Adtechs, martechs, platforms and the like are tools that allow agencies and advertisers to better understand who is at the center of this conversation and in control of today’s marketing actions, the consumer, with whom intimacy occurs through the data.

A change that has affected the world as a whole is nothing new to anyone, but what are brands and creators actively doing to keep pace with these changes? It is necessary to go beyond the obvious, and reconsider old concepts to understand what will make sense in the coming years, because what worked a while ago no longer makes sense today.

In 2020, Google announced its intention to remove third-party cookies from Chrome, and since then much has been made about the effects on marketing. The thing is, certainly, as long as it’s delayed, this is a reality and there will be a lot of changes to the old ways of creating ads and how technology – or the lack of it – can influence decisions.

To meet these new challenges, we must provide a great repertoire for the coming years and figure out how to collaborate. There is no longer the great player, but the set of stakeholders that collaboratively shape it, even greater than the Industrial Revolution.

Web1.0 was a discovery, Web2.0 was a social network, and Web3 is all about decentralization and collaboration in everything it does. The big difference is that if before people were just users, now they will be members, preferably active members.

Web 3 businesses, especially businesses in the metaverse, must be efficient and ethical. In other words, instead of providing a series of information about your product, people want you to create an empathetic conversation and create a real relationship with them, so that the exchange is also in this co-creation environment. Of course, we are still in the experimental stage, but the trend towards decentralization continues.

A technological update will be necessary, but it is also a fact that it is impossible for us to understand all the technology that we will have at our disposal, because the changes will occur quickly and constantly. So the most important thing is to understand people. Their consumption habits, how they communicate, what they prefer, in short, the more people they know, the more data they can provide us in exchange for something of value, the easier it will be to establish a real relationship with them, through innovations. and technologies that make sense to everyone. Ultimately, you will win the battle for people’s attention, who understands them best, and who is intimate with them.

Camilo Barros is Head of Sales and Partnerships Latam at VidMob, a global creative intelligence platform that provides a comprehensive technology solution to help brands improve their marketing results.

Robert J
Robert J
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