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Over the course of its 22-year run, The One Piece manga has developed a captivating & exciting world full of secrets & thrilling discoveries. It chronicles the voyage of Monkey D. Luffy, a young man who sets off to become the Pirate King, and his Straw Hat Pirates as they sail to distant lands in search of fortune.One particular character in this saga that has garnered a lot of attention lately is FTRPIRATEKING. The emergence of this mysterious new character has sparked plenty of fan speculation and questions as to who he is and what role he will play in the story. This blog post will shed some light on his identity purpose, so we can solve the mystery that surrounds him. Read on to unravel the secrets of FTRPIRATEKING!


FTRPIRATEKING is a captivating character from the iconic Japanese manga series One Piece. He captains the notorious Flying Pirates and is also married to the beloved pirate queen Conis. Little information about his identity is known, but his name has spread far wide names, such as “The King of the Skies” and “The Strongest Pirate in the World”. He is an incredibly powerful pirate, and is feared by many. FTRPIRATEKING is a well-respected figure, with a huge bounty on his head and a wanted status from the World Government. He is known for his compassion justice, something that has earned him the loyalty of his team. Moreover, he has powerful fighting skills and can outmaneuver any opponent effortlessly. Truly, FTRPIRATEKING is a formidable force to be reckoned with., and anyone who crosses him will regret it.


The renowned Gold Pirates make their presence felt in the popular manga series One Piece through the precious Gold Pirate Treasure. This type of treasure is a strong symbol of opulence and strength, as it belongs to the legendary pirate king Gol D. Roger and his crew. It is a one-of-a-kind product that carries immense value among fans of this saga.

The Gold Pirate Treasure is said to be incredibly valuable and contains a vast amount of gold. It is unknown exactly how much gold is contained within the treasure, but it is believed to be a considerable amount. Thetreasure is also said to contain other valuable items such as jewels and precious stones.

Gold Roger the infamous pirate needing no introduction, was detained by the Marines and subsequently executed. His last words were of his legendary Gold Pirate Treasure, claiming its possession to whoever could find it. Such began the exciting journey to discover this fortune!This caused a massive frenzy as everyone sought to find the treasure. However, no one was able to locate it and it remained hidden for many years. That is until Luffy came along and accidentally stumbled across it.

Since then, the crew has been on a quest to find all of the lost treasure of Gold Roger so that they can become the new Pirate King!


FTRPIRATEKING is an enigmatic character in the One Piece world who is an expert navigator and master of the sea. He captains a remarkable vessel called the PIRATEKING, which is renowned for its speed and powerful arsenal.

FTRPIRATEKING has been depicted to be friendly with most of the main characters in One Piece, including Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Nami & Sanji. Furthermore, he has even been seen to be on friendly terms with some of the series’ villains like Buggy Mr.2 Bon Clay. However, there have also been instances when he has gone against the Marine Captain and was seen as an enemy. Smoker.

FTRPIRATEKING’s ambition is unclear, but it appears he is striving to get his hands on the mysterious treasure known as One Piece. No matter what his plans are, FTRPIRATEKING is certain to be a main character in the tale of One Piece!


1. FTRPIRATEKING is ruling the One Piece subreddit, with a whopping 33k followers in tow. It’s no surprise that they’ve become the go-to user for all things related to the anime series!

2. FTRPIRATEKING has been a member of the One Piece community over 6 years.

3. FTRPIRATEKING’s highly prestigious hypothesis about Monkey D. Luffy’s real identity as the Strawhat Crew’s captain has been embraced by a lot of people in the fandom.

4. Some believe that FTRPIRATEKING may be a member of the World Government or Marineford because of their detailed knowledge of military strategy and tactics.

5. It has been speculated that FTRPIRATEKING may have once been a pirate who now cooperates with the government to apprehend their former peers.

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