Pallet Racking Issues to Avoid


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Do you own a business that stocks heavy and awkward materials such as sheet metal or planks? If you do, you need a Pallet Racking system that meets your needs. They can help you arrange your warehouse to improve organization and workflow and give more usable space, saving you time and money.

As with any system, there are some downsides to be aware of, so you can plan for them beforehand. For example, knowing your budget before you get started and understanding the pallet racking issues you may meet can save you valuable time and money.

Are you interested in learning more? If so, read on as we tell you all you need to know!

Climbing Pallet Rack

A pallet system with climbing panels is an efficient and adjustable system. But you must consider safety and the best use of space when using the system.

Ensuring that the bolts and rails are correctly secured before loading shelves is essential. An unsecured system can be easily knocked over and cause damage to products and people.

The load should be well distributed and away from the climbing panels. You can opt for pallet rack solutions that are high-density racking.

Overloaded Frames/Beams

It is essential to ensure that pallet racking frames and beams are not overloaded when storing products to ensure safety and prevent costly damage. It can cause serious consequences such as collapse, resulting in product damage, accidents, and loss of life.

So, when storing products on pallet racks, it is essential to ensure they are well distributed and you have correctly accounted for the weight. If a pallet appears heavier than it should be, it is best to check how many pallets are on each rack level and keep the load well distributed.

Avoid this by not stacking pallets too high to make more use of the space available. Inspecting the weight of the pallet before moving it onto the rack is an essential step against overloaded frames and beams.

Unbalanced/Broken Pallets

Unbalanced or broken pallets cause warehouse racking issues. Using sturdy and adequately balanced pallets is essential when stacking material on racks or shelves.

Only weighted or balanced pallets can prevent racks from becoming unstable and even collapsing. It can lead to product damage, loss, and injury.

Standard pallet sizes vary and should match the rack’s specific requirements. It’s essential to check pallets occasionally for damage or flaws.

Damaged pallets can place the weight of materials they carry unevenly on the rack. It can cause the fabric to slip, building up pressure on one side of the rack and throwing the rack out of level.

Manage Pallet Racking Issues

Managing pallet racking issues effectively can contribute to a successful warehouse operation. Regular inspections are essential for monitoring pallet racking for damage and congestion.

Proper space organization, good housekeeping practices, and safety precaution measures can help avoid pallet racking issues. Contact a trusted specialist for more detailed guidance on how to mitigate problems.

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