Scientists have Succeeded in Reversing the Signs of Aging in Mice


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Immortality is an ancient desire of mankind. Looking for ways to stop and even reverse the biological clock, the international scientific community is looking for options to combat aging. The research looks promising, at least in mice.

To conduct the research, mice were exposed to a treatment that damaged their genome, causing health problems. Rodent symptoms include brittleness, tissue erosion and hair loss.

To determine whether the damage, which mimics aging, was reversible, the researchers re-exposed the animals to a gene therapy that was able to reverse the changes.

The mice regained most of their vision, their brains looked younger, and their kidney and muscle health improved. According to the researchers, the mice’s cells returned to 50% to 75% of their original lifespan.

Other Studies are Under Review

A preprint study (research that is still being analyzed by the scientific community before it is officially published) conducted by researchers from San Diego, in the United States, shows that it is possible to regenerate cells in mice, improve their lives and improve the heart and lung health.

According to the scientists, it is possible that a similar drug will be on the market by 2028 for human treatment. Scientists have discovered that age reversal is, in theory, capable of reversing the effects of aging at the cellular level, increasing lifespan and the number of healthy years of life.

To conduct the research, the team observed mice that were 124 weeks old, which is equivalent to an elderly person of about 77 years. Every two weeks, half of the rodents received a sham injection, while the other half received treatment based on a modified virus that carried extra pieces of genetic code.

Mice given the viruses lived 18.5 weeks longer and stayed healthy longer, as well as improved heart and liver health. Mice given the placebo lived only 8.9 weeks.

However, the scientists said that further animal testing is necessary to confirm the safety and effectiveness of the treatment in humans.

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