See the Secret Ingredients of Processed Bread


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Controversial bread! The analysis found that the amino acids of this element that are so common in the matrix could be composed of human hair.

Are you a fan of sliced bread, the industrial type found on supermarket shelves? Some unusual ingredients were found in this food and caused a surprise. According to a study by a group of British scientists, the delicacy may contain human hair.

Upon analysis, it was found that the amino acids found in this item so common on the table may consist of human hair, duck feathers, cow horns and even pig whiskers.

According to research done in the UK, most human hair comes from China. Researchers believe that the origin will be the floor of barbershops and hairdressing salons.

Scientists explained that the function of amino acids is to speed up food preparation time. This substance is also found naturally in protein-rich foods, oats, certain meats and tuna.

Is the Bread Vegan?

A previous report by the Vegan Research Group found that L-cysteine (an amino acid used in baking) came mostly from animal sources. In order not to make a fuss, they point out that the industry usually replaces it with synthetic raw materials. When in doubt, pay attention to the label!

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