Splashtop vs Teamviewer: Which One Should Your Business Choose?


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Remote access to your devices is becoming a necessity for business owners and managers. You’ll agree that being halfway across the world shouldn’t prevent you from accessing advice, strategies, and procedures.

You may already be using a remote access app such as TeamViewer or Splashtop. Or perhaps, you’re only now beginning to consider it. Either way, it makes sense to compare these two platforms to make the best decision possible.

Both of these platforms offer many of the same benefits. They also have a couple of differences that you should know about before making your decision.

This article will help you to better understand the differences between Splashtop vs TeamViewer. Read on to find out which will be the best choice for you.

What is Splashtop?

Splashtop is a secure, reliable, and user-friendly remote access solution. It enables remote access to a computer from any computer or device with internet access. It functions as a TeamViewer alternative, making it one of the best remote desktop software solutions on the market. It is versatile, allowing you to access both of the following:

  • Windows and Mac machines
  • Chromebooks and mobile devices

Splashtop also offers a variety of features, including file sharing, audio and video streaming, and collaboration tools. Splashtop is also cost-effective. It is easy to set up and manage and requires minimal network configuration. 

What is TeamViewer?

Teamviewer is an advanced remote support remote desktop connection designed to allow remote access and control of one or more computers from any other computer or device, regardless of location.

Using TeamViewer, one user can control the mouse and keyboard of another user, as if they were sitting in front of the remote computer, making it ideal for:

TeamViewer also allows for audio and video conferencing. You can also do file transfers and remote printing. It enables efficient and productive work across organizations.

What are Their Differences in Cost?

Splashtop and TeamViewer both offer services to remotely access computers across the world, but the cost of these services varies drastically. Splashtop is a cheaper alternative compared to TeamViewer. The basic version of Splashtop is free and comes with basic features.

The TeamViewer version has a price tag of $49 monthly subscription or $588 as a yearly payment. TeamViewer also has cheaper options, with the Home version costing $49.90 for a lifetime of access.

On the contrary, Splashtop also provides an upgrade to its Pro version, which works out to be only $24 per year, a much cheaper option compared to TeamViewer. As far as cost is concerned, Splashtop appears to be the more affordable choice for those interested in remotely accessing computers.

How Effective Can They Be for Small Businesses?

Both solutions are highly secure. They are designed to streamline workflows for small businesses.

Splashtop and TeamViewer can be configured to fit any business’s needs. It makes them highly effective for small businesses interested in improving their remote access and collaboration capabilities. 

Ultimately, both solutions are typically affordable and very user-friendly. Their implementation is also easy and less of a hassle. 

A Contrast Between Splashtop vs TeamViewer

After considering the respective features and differences between Splashtop vs TeamViewer, it’s clear that their tradeoffs make it difficult to definitively recommend one product for all businesses.

Ultimately, the best product for your business depends on the specific needs of your team. Invest in a free trial of both programs and make an informed decision today!

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