Starbucks 60th Anniversary Promo Scam (2023)


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Beware of scam messages or social media posts claiming that Starbucks is offering gift cards like the Starbucks 60th Anniversary Promo that can be used to get free drinks like mocha, caramel, espresso, white mocha, espresso jelly, espresso jelly with caramel, etc. Many scams ask you to click a link to trick you into submitting your personal details. But you should not click on this link as this may infect your device.

What is the motive behind these fraudulent activities? The truth about fake messages or social media posts about the Starbucks 60th Anniversary Promo.

These fraudulent messages or posts are not from any genuine company, but rather from scammers looking to get your personal information in order to scam you. They may ask you to click some links and submit personal details on the fake website which are real sites or they may call or message/reply them where they will trick you into providing your personal details. Therefore, you should not follow any instructions contained in these messages/posts or click on any links or download anything (if any). The links or files provided in these messages/posts may also contain viruses, malware or spyware that may also infiltrate your device.

Therefore, if you are confused about the legitimacy of the messages/posts you receive, it is best to call or check the official website of the respective company (in this case, you can call Starbucks) to confirm that the messages/ Posts received are real or fake.

Once cybercriminals have your personal information, they make money by selling that information. If they get your credit card information, they can even steal money from your credit card. Therefore, you should not follow the instructions provided in these types of messages/posts.

These messages may not come with the same company name or the same format. These scammers may use various numbers, emails, and company names to send similar messages. Some examples of fraudulent messages are:

  • Rolex Submariner Watch – Free Gift With Rolex on Rolex 100th Anniversary Celebration Scam
  • Amazon Raffle Scam Messages
  • Adidas 100th Anniversary celebration Gift Scam
  • Scam Message – Congrats! Your phone number won 2.8m pounds in the 2023 National Lottery, etc.
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