Take a Look at 17 Competitions in the Field of Information Technology.


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The survey shows opportunities for different career profiles and in different regions of the country

The growing demand in the field of information technology brings optimistic views to the Contest. There are at least 17 opportunities for those interested to participate in the selections. The offers cover different regions of the country and serve different professional profiles.

The vacancies cover areas such as information security, technical support, systems programming and development, software quality, network administration, mobile programming, database administration and others.

Open Tenders

State Audit Office of the State of Rio de Janeiro (TCERJ) – Open the call to fill the positions of External Supervision Analyst. In total, there will be 40 openings to provide a backup record and form it instantly. The salary of the profession is 13.7 thousand Brazilian rials. Registration begins February 7 and continues through February 26. Cebraspe is the organizer of the agency’s public tender.

Federal District Attorney General’s Office (PGDF) – On Monday (02/03/2020) registrations for the new PG-DF Public Tender began. There are 100 vacancies for Legal Analyst. Cespe / Cebraspe is the organizer of the agency’s public tender.

Council of Architecture and Urbanism of São Paulo (CAU-SP) – Fundação para o Vestibular da Universidade Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho (Funes Foundation) is the organizer of the selection. This event offers positions for middle and higher education and includes opportunities for ICT analysts, with a starting salary of R$ 5,200.

Federal University of Ceará (UFC) – Registration for the institution’s general competition begins in March. There are 26 vacancies for various positions, including laboratory technicians. The initial reward ranges between R$2,900 and R$4,600, depending on the center of interest. The organizer of the selection is the Contest Coordination (CCV), of the university itself.

Federal University of Vicosa (UFV) – Those interested have until February 17 to apply for the UFV public contest. There are 7 vacancies and among them there are opportunities for professionals from the region in the position of IT Technician (3 vacancies) with capacity in the Vicosa campus, in Minas Gerais. This event will be held by the UFV Dean of Personnel Management.

Scheduled Competitions

Federal Senate – In October 2019, the mandate for a new public contest for the Federal Senate was published. Among the vacant positions, there is an indication to fill the position of legislative analyst, an IT specialty with an immediate vacancy and the formation of a reserve registry.

The House of Representatives: The House of Representatives has been mandated to hold a new public tender since 2014, but it is not expected when preparations for the competition will begin. The expectation is that the public notice will bring vacancies for the Legislative Information Analyst position and other professions.

Court of Justice of the Federal District and Territories (TJDFT) – The head of the commission ordered the resumption of studies on the feasibility of implementing a new public tender. Internally there are many vacancies and there is a lack of forensic analyst – specialized support in systems analysis, computer and forensic technical support – computer operation and systems programming.

Court of Justice of the State of Rio de Janeiro (TJRJ) – The authority may issue a new public notice in the coming weeks. Cebraspe has been identified as the organizer of the event, which will include vacancies for 160 professionals, 10 of whom are from the IT area.

Audit of Accounts of the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro (TCMRJ) – Studies have already begun to implement the new public tender for TCM/RJ. Public notice is expected to be published in the first half of 2020, with possible vacancies for the position of External Supervisory Auditor – Information Technology.

Minister of Finance of the State of Ceará (Sefaz-CE) – A new public tender is expected to reconstitute the personnel of the authority in the LOA of the state for the year 2020. The competition has been authorized since 2019 and has been ordered by the authorities of the region. Openings are expected in many professions, including the information technology field.

Court of Justice of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (TJRS) – The new committee to examine the competence of the commission has been identified. It is anticipated that there will be vacancies for computer technician and effective staff. The next steps of the contest will be the selection of the organizing bank and the publication of the opening notice.

Regional Council of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy of District IV (Credit 4) – The Quadrix Institute will be the organizing committee of the next competition for the authority, which will provide vacancies in several areas, including for an IT analyst, with a starting salary of R $3,968.40 plus benefits.

Superintendence of Private Insurance (Susep) – A request for bankruptcy requires the approval of the Ministry of Economy. According to the order, 290 vacancies were expected for analyst and technical positions that could be filled through a new public competition. For the IT field, vacancies must include technical analyst positions in the IT field.

Central Bank – The agency asked the Ministry of Economy to increase the number of vacancies in case of approval of a new public tender. Vacancies are expected to be provided for analysts in the areas of systems analysis and development and IT infrastructure support.

Comptroller General of the Union (CGU) – a request to hold a new event has already been sent to the Ministry of Economy. Since 2018, the authority has promoted a request to launch a new public call aimed at filling 650 vacancies for the position of Federal Auditor of Financial and Control Affairs. To enter this position, it is necessary to have a diploma or certificate in a higher level course recognized by the Ministry of Education (MEC).

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