Tech Trends in the Underground Drilling Industry


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How are you keeping up with the latest tech trends? If you build drilling machines and have custom orders, you receive new equipment. Where do you start to keep up with new tech trends?

Are you behind the curve when it comes to adapting technology to your underground drilling industry needs? Here is a quick guide on trends to watch as you adjust your strategy.


In the underground drilling industry, automation is one of the latest tech trends. Automated systems optimize drilling operations for efficiency and safety. Automation can take the form of robotic motion systems.

Which reduce human error and improve safety in the workplace. An automated drill tracking system can stay on schedule with precision and observe drill parameters in real-time. It can also be seen in the use of remote infrared cameras to monitor progress.

As well as ensuring safe drilling operations. Automation technology also reduces costs and decreases human resource requirements.

It can improve the quality and accuracy of surveys, logs, and remote data collection. So if you’re looking for an automated ditch witch used equipment, be sure to keep reading this article!


It’s essential for miners to have access to the latest drilling accessories and to track systems to ensure safety. As well as to maximize productivity and allow for efficient operations. Workforce tracking is a key tech trend in the underground drilling industry.

As workers rely on digital systems that monitor their personnel, movements and equipment both underground and at surface-level. Real-time tracking of the workforce is crucial for safety. Because it allows supervisors to locate and swiftly call for help if a worker runs into any underground-related difficulties.

GPS Technologies

GPS technologies are ushering in a tech-driven revolution in the underground drilling industry. At the most basic level, GPS can be used to track the progress of a drilling rig and its crew.

This helps ensure safety and efficiency. More advanced applications can be used to optimize excavation paths, automatic navigation systems, and even remote control of the rigs.

Operational Intelligence

Technology in the underground drilling industry continues to improve and evolve. Operational intelligence is a particularly important trend in this area. As it involves collecting data and insights to help optimize operations and provide more accurate, detailed information.

With this, drill operators can better predict the likelihood of failure and respond more quickly to any problematic issues. Also, data can track past operations and prevent issues from arising in the future. These systems also enable better identity management, making it easier to monitor assets and allocate resources.

Wireless Monitoring

Wireless monitoring allows mining operations to be connected to experts and industry peers in real time. This enables improved decision making and faster problem solving. This technology gives miners real time data on an underground drill’s location and working conditions.

Learn More About Underground Drilling Today

The underground drilling industry is on the cusp of entering into a new, tech-driven era. With improved safety and accuracy in the drilling process, these tech trends are helping to revolutionize the industry and increase efficiency.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and learn more about these trends and what they could mean for your operation. Contact some drilling experts today!

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