Technology Addiction: Meet the Disease of the Future


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Brain changes, depression and anxiety are some of the symptoms that excess technology can cause

Insomnia, anxiety and depression. The technology that helps improve the lives of thousands of people can also cause health and relationship problems. For at least 4 years, experts have been dealing with a new psychological disorder: technology addiction.

A survey conducted by Microsoft at the World Economic Forum in Davos (Switzerland) showed that 74% of Brazilians have technology a positive impact on the arts and culture. For 80%, it creates jobs; And 72% helps reduce economic differentials.

Despite the improvements brought about by technological advances, the symptoms of technology addiction are already being compared by experts to the traits that dependence on chemicals creates in someone’s life.

‘Enthusiastic Community’

The arrival of smartphones in Brazil in the 1990s was responsible for the dissemination of social networks and the intensification of the use of electronic games. University of Brasilia education specialist Lúcio Teles points out that people deal daily with “technological injections” – mind-bombing videos, photos, animations and messages for nearly 24 hours a day.

Technological advances have caused significant changes in the behavior of society, and according to Teles, parents should be aware and in control of their children’s virtual lives. “It is necessary to prevent children from developing without developing important socialization skills,” he noted.

There are clinics that really specialize in treating technology addiction. Psychiatrist Mila Santiago, from the Brazilian Institute of Psychiatry, is responsible for the treatment in partnership with psychologists.

She has been providing care for just under two years, and since then the search for help has intensified. It is rare for a patient to go to the doctor alone. When people complain of insomnia, irritability, depression and behavioral changes, it is often related to the use of smartphones, social networks or electronic games.

In the future, addiction can lead not only to behavioral and relationship problems, but also to changes in the brain. There is a risk of early dementia and memory loss. And the psychiatrist warned that “young people up to 18 years of age may suffer a loss of height, because lack of sleep due to the use of techniques hinders the activity of growth hormones.”

A study by Flurry, a Yahoo consultancy, revealed that there are 280 million “addicts” to mobile applications in the world.

Technological Dependency. How Far We’ve Taken Cell Phone Use From Reality

Digital Detox. Technology Addiction can Cause Disease. Protect Yourself

The disease remains a subject of little debate, according to psychologist Marlyde Borges, responsible for treatment at the Viva Clinic in Brasilia. There is still difficulty in diagnosing the problem, which is often recognized by the damage that addiction causes in a patient’s life.
When adults are addicted, they don’t learn basic social skills. Children tend to be very nearsighted, develop antisocial behavior and develop anxiety.”

According to the expert, social networks and games generate false interactions, parallel truths and frustrations related to real and virtual life.

Impulse Control Disorder (ICD)

Going hand in hand with technology addiction is impulse control disorder (ICD). Pathology is associated with the inability to resist impulses.

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