The Gabriel Kuhn Murder Case


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The Story is Back

Two friends were involved in a murder case in 2007, one of whom was killed. Two children participated in this story, which was shocking. One of the victims was only 12 years old when she was brutally murdered by another boy who was only 16 years old. A murder case from the past is drawing a lot of attention online and the news is spreading again. Gabriel Kohn’s autopsy report has been released. The Gabriel Kuhn murder case became the talk of the town.

The public is now more interested in what really happened. Apparently Daniel Battery killed Gabriel for 20,000 digital coins. A teenager was murdered in the home of his parents and suffered terrible injuries. A full story and autopsy photos of Gabriel Kohn and Danielle Buttery were released on December 25, 2021.

Gabriel Kuhn: Personality and Lifestyle

Daniel Felipe Petri, the murderer in history, was born in 1991 in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil. He was disobedient, hostile and violent as a child. The aggravation of the situation provokes his violent reaction. Television, Internet and online games have given you security and entertainment.

He is constantly reprimanded for skipping class and skipping classes at school. As a result, he skipped school to play Tibia with his online friends. In this game, Gabriel Kuhn met and the two became good friends.

Daniel Buttery: Character and Lifestyle

Gabriel Kohn, who killed Daniel in 1995, was also born there. It was a stable family that raised him. Unlike Daniel Battery, he was a good student and a devoted boy.

Daniel The Killer’s State of Mind

The psychosomatic explanation for these horrific and terrifying events remains a mystery. This is even more worrying when he is a 16-year-old boy. Daniel, the 12-year-old boy who killed him, cannot be called a normal psychological state. He was born with problems and his parents knew him from the beginning. In fact, they took him to see a psychiatrist. Despite this, he did not complete the therapy sessions and left the center.

Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Drums FULL STORY!!!

It all started with a game called Tibia. Gabriel borrowed money from Daniel to play, but he refused to pay it back.

It all started because Gabriel’s parents were not at home. They were both playing the same game. Daniel is asked to lend Gabriel $20,000 virtual to help him get over a hurdle. In exchange for the money, Daniel agreed to lend it to his friend, but he had to pay it back as soon as possible.

Daniel called his mother several times to ask about Gabriel’s response. Daniel was angry at Gabriel’s house even though Gabriel refused to open the door. Gabriel prevented Daniel from talking to his relatives when he threatened not to return the money.

Daniel called Gabriel’s mother to see if she planned to visit Nova Trento. That night, around 9 pm, Gabriel’s mother was in Nova Trento.

She went to Gabriel’s house after receiving the threat and got angry. No one answered the door when she knocked. If she apologizes to Daniel, the situation between them will be fine. Gabriel showed Daniel the door, and he installed it and believed that Daniel was honest.

When Daniel entered the house, he assaulted Gabriel. He closes the door on him. Gabriel made a defensive attempt but failed. Daniel brutally punched Gabriel in the face, leaving him covered in blood, while Gabriel began to smile at him. Patri was tougher than Gabriel and she started to cry.

Gabriel threatened to reveal family secrets. Daniel tied a rope around Gabriel’s neck. As he walked away, the boy lost all sense. Gabriel was on his mind as he thought of ways to make a mess of him. In his garage, he bought an ax and started chopping.

Gabriel Khon screamed in pain, then regained consciousness. Despite cutting each foot off his foot, Petrie didn’t stop until she ended up cutting off her left foot. Gabriel was shocked by the bleeding and stopped screaming. Using the saw, Petri continued to cut it. As a result of his violent behavior, Petri cut off his right leg.

Daniel tried to hide the body inside the dark house. Also, he tries to tie more cables. Gabriel is too heavy for me to carry. The corpse was thrown at the front door. Gabriel’s wife found his body near the entrance of the house and called him immediately. At the scene, she was so terrified that she ran out into the street. A neighbor saw Gabriel’s mother running with blood on her body. As soon as possible, call the police.

The police quickly located Petri and Gabriel, while Gabriel’s computer showed the accident that had occurred minutes earlier at his home. Daniel was immediately removed by the police from his house. Gabriel confessed to having been killed by Petri.

Where is Danielle Buttery now?

Today, she is supposed to be free to live. The sources revealed that Daniel was not guilty of the horrible crime, but he was only sentenced to three years in prison. As a result of his sociopedagogical behavior, he suffered this reproach. When asked about venting him, he said that he would continue revenge on him in hell. Although Gabriel’s parents were killed, he did not sympathize with them.

Gabriel Autopsy Report with Fragmentary Evidence

While Gabriel’s autopsy report was revealed via social media, there is still no photo of him. Some photos taken from the crime scene by Gabriel’s computer were spread on the Internet. As Daniel’s terror continues until he strangles Gabriel, it’s also a scary story.

In the hallway, Daniel hid the victim’s body from him in a trapdoor. After realizing that he couldn’t lift the heavy corpse, he dropped it into the hatch. Gabriel’s legs were cut off to reduce his weight. Gabriel survived after his legs were amputated, according to the autopsy.

Last Update on Case
The social media platform never sleeps. As a result, social networking sites are still used to discuss the event. People show interest in the topic and share their thoughts on possible outcomes.

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