The Owner of the Biggest Butt in Brazil stays in Bed after Training: ‘Extreme Pain’


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Vanessa Ataídes wants to break records and win the title of the world’s largest takedown

An intense workout routine and constant muscle pain don’t stop Vanessa Ataídes from reaching her goal: having the biggest butt in the world. With the current title of the largest butt in Brazil, the Brazilian wants to have a circumference of 130 cm.

That’s why his routine starts at 4 am, with exercises that he can continue throughout the day. In an interview with the Daily Star, Vanessa shared that she feels a lot of pain, but emphasized that not all the discomfort in the world will be able to stop her.

In addition to training a lot, the influencer maintains a strict diet. On Instagram, she shares her daily life, as well as clicks that show her earnings. “Even in pain, I’m happy like this. I love getting attention,” she said.

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