The Tourist Falls from the Iguazú Falls while Trying to Take a Picture and Disappears


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On Monday morning (10/17), a man fell into the Iguazú River, on the Argentine side of the Iguazú Falls. The tourist, who has not yet been identified, was trying to take a picture when he fell into the water and disappeared.

The accident occurred around 10:30 a.m. A tour guide who was at the scene contacted authorities. According to the professional, the man had climbed on one of the protective barriers on the trails of the national park. Rescue teams from Argentina and the national park are conducting searches.

Water Flow

On the thirteenth of this month, the largest volume of water in the last eight years was recorded in the area of ​​the falls. In total, a flow of 16.5 million liters was calculated. The volume that the company in charge of hydrological monitoring in the region considers normal is 1.5 million liters per second.

As a result, the site’s lanes were closed. The national park reopened for visits last Saturday (10/15). The same day, photos were published showing the destruction on the walkway on the Argentine side of Iguazú Falls. The bridge, which gives access to the Devil’s Throat, was partially damaged.

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