The Ultimate Guide to RDO Mounts – How to Mount Your Gun Like a Pro


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Whether new to shooting or a seasoned pro, a great gun mount is the key to a successful day. But there’s a lot more to it than just mounting your gun quickly and efficiently, so we will look at some essential tips that will help you get the most out of your practice sessions.

Choose the Right Mount

Choosing the suitable mount for your gun can make all the difference in how it functions, and if you have a red dot optic, it’s no exception. However, the mounting process isn’t as simple as just screwing the optic on and tightening the screws.

When selecting suitable RDO mounts, you should consider several things, such as what footprint your pistol has and whether that footprint will work with the RDO optic, you are planning to use. If the base isn’t compatible, you may need to find a drop-in slide or have your firearm drilled and milled by a machinist to accept the RDO sight.

The correct mount is essential to ensuring that your gun is in proper alignment and that you have eye dominance over it. If you mount the gun in a way that isn’t optimal for your stance or eye dominance, it will negatively impact your shooting ability.

Make Sure Your Gun is Unloaded

Whether a new shooter or an experienced gun handler, you should always ensure your gun is unloaded before mounting it. A loaded gun has no place in a car, truck, or building.

Using the right screw is another crucial step in the mounting process. Some screws are designed for specific firearms and adaptor plates. Others are longer to provide additional strength.

You should also check the mounting instructions carefully to ensure you are using the proper length of the screw. The right size is crucial for appropriate gun-sight alignment and securing it to the slide during the immense recoil forces involved.

It would help if you pointed your gun in a safe direction at all times, regardless of how you mount it. This is because bullets can hit someone and cause serious injury or death.

Get Your Gun to the Right Height

The most crucial step in mounting your gun is getting it to the right height. The correct size makes all the difference in a successful sight installation. A proper mount will keep your optic in place even under grueling recoil.

An adequately installed mount will also keep your sights from shifting as you move through the different stages of the target acquisition process. This is especially critical for using an expensive optic.

Depending on your needs, there are a variety of options available. We recommend trying out several before settling on one. This will ensure you’re getting the best possible sight fit for your firearm and will make it easier to get a solid grip on it once it’s mounted. Ultimately, your decision will be based on your body type and personal shooting preferences. The right amount can turn a good gun into a great weapon.


The best way to improve your gun mount is to practice it regularly. A few minutes a day can make all the difference, and it will become so natural that you won’t even think about it.

There are several routines you can do at home. One uses a mirror and is very effective. Another involves mounting the gun to various spots on a wall in the lounge for five to ten minutes daily, creating muscle memory to improve your mount.

You can also test your flinch response by having a friend load your magazine with dummy rounds (snap caps). The dummy rounds will cause the gun to dip aggressively when it’s time for a shot, and this will help you to see exactly where you’re cringing.

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