Turbo Skincare: 12 Powerful Oils to Include in Your Skincare Routine


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The specialist lists oils with important activities for the skin; Find out which ones can help you boost your skin care

Debunking the many myths in the skincare space has resulted in many products returning to shelves, face oils among them. Although its use is associated with excess fat, this has nothing to do with it! It has many benefits such as its great help in the absorption of creams in the skin.

In addition, the oils contain components that have a soothing, healing, whitening and rejuvenating effect and can be used on all skin types.

Although oils are ideal to improve your skin care routine, you must know the difference between them. This is due to the presence of facial oils suitable for direct use on the skin according to the indications for use. On the other hand, there are also essential oils that need to be diluted in moisturizing creams or other compounds, such as botanical almond or coconut oil, and then applied to the skin.

Even with this differentiation, dermatologist Adriana Vilarinho guarantees: “They all contain active ingredients that hydrate the skin, improve texture and increase water retention in the skin. They can be used in the morning routine, before moisturizer with sunscreen and in the evening routine. , before the serum”.

The specialist has also listed oils for specific skin problems. Check out what’s below and include it in your skincare routine too!

Oils for Dry Skin

Options are lavender, rosehip, palmarosa oil, and geranium oil. All of them are used for different treatments, since they have a soothing, healing, whitening, rejuvenating, anti-grease and antiseptic effect.

Oily Skin

Who said that this type of skin does not need oils in skin care, right? In this case, the dermatologist explains that the most suitable are essential oils such as tea tree (Melaleuca), squalene and jojoba.

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