What Is AniCloud? Alternatives and Works


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AniCloud is one of those websites that anime fans might find confusing. Is the broadcast portal and, more importantly, its use legal?

If you are an anime lover and want to watch a wide range of anime series online, you have come to the right platform because AniCloud is the most popular anime streaming site in Germany. You will learn all about AniCloud in this article, including how to watch anime series for free.

Although Netflix and other companies now legally sell aminos in Germany, free portals like AniCloud are still popular. Perhaps the reason is the wide selection and simple navigation. With a web browser, fans can easily watch a variety of shows and movies on their smartphones or computers. Most of you will realize by now that there is a problem here.

Every Anime

A list of more than 1000 cartoons available to watch for free on Cartoon List. The search function on this page allows you to sort the animations alphabetically or by genre. Also in the top row you will find all animations arranged alphabetically by first letter. It is possible to make “Anime Wishes” for anime that are not available to us yet.

Is AniCloud Against The Law?

Among many other sites, AniCloud also posts videos without the permission of the rights holders. This makes the platform illegal, as well as its use. There are the same rules that apply to Anime Loads and Naruto Tube.

Live streaming and illegally uploaded content was a legal gray area. This is no longer the case, thanks to a 2017 ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union. Users should review the legality of the offer before using it; Otherwise, severe penalties may be imposed.


Warnings are issued to AniCloud and corporate users.

Anime fans often argue that certain content is not available in other formats. On the other hand, the Court of Justice of the European Communities is not interested in this matter.

Users of these sites should be prepared for possible warnings in the event of a worst-case scenario, even if some approved incidents have already occurred.

If you want to stay clean and avoid catching a virus, there are many legal options online. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video* along with Crunchyroll are some of the top picks on the list. On the other hand, smaller companies like Wakanim or Anime on Demand offer a wide selection.

What is the url, site url, url and link for AniCloud.io?

It’s AniCloud. Domains offers alternative domains, URLs, and links if you’re looking for AniCloud. If you’re having trouble or they aren’t available, the list might be helpful. AniCloud.io

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