What Was the Trend of the Year 2000 That Saved the Fashion of The 2000


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Low-rise pants and baguette bags are millennial fashion trends. The bomb aesthetic on TikTok

A slight immersion in TikTok fashion videos is enough to understand what is the favorite aesthetic of the new generations. Low-waisted pants, body-chain and a knotted scarf as a top: the hits of the 2000s are back with a vengeance. The trend is known by the term “2000”.

Come to know more!

Historians and researchers, especially fashion designers, like to categorize aesthetics and clothing by decades. There’s no way to talk about the ’70s and not think about bell-bottoms, for example.

The beginning of the millennium became known for various fashion trends, such as cropped shirts, colored glasses, and beaded accessories. Whoever kept these garments will be able to take them out of the closet now that the fashion of the new millennium returns.

What is “Y2K”?

The abbreviation comes from the English “Year 2 Thousand” and means 2000. The term began to be used not only to designate fashion, but the entire pop culture that refers to the beginning of the millennium.

Think of celebrities like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, and music and movie icons like Lindsay Lohan and rapper Usher. The combinations of blouses, miniskirts and mini bags are the face of the decade.

How to Embed

From the main luxury brands, such as France’s Miu Miu, to fast fashion brands such as C&A and, mainly, Shein, all the pieces that mark the new millennium have been launched. To maintain the style, the secret is to abuse pieces with short lengths.

If crop tops are not your thing, the advice is to invest in accessories. The Fendi Baguette, for example, is a style that always comes back in fashion. Beaded necklaces, bracelets and hair clips are perfect for anyone who wants a more fun look.

There is an old saying that “everything comes back”. Keeping vintage items or searching for thrift stores is a great strategy for sticking with trends without sacrificing your bills. In addition, it is necessary to know what does or does not fit into your lifestyle.

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