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This blog post discusses yano hinaki solo album flac and how it benefits your music collection. If you are looking for a high-quality FLAC, this is the perfect choice as it is exclusive to that format and does not break copyright law.


This CD is a high-quality FLAC file of an Album that Japanese audio engineer Yano hinaki created. He thinks it will make music more enjoyable to listen to for everyone.

Why should Yano Hinaki solo Album Flac be Used?

FLAC files take the best and most pristine quality when compared to other types of music, so you’ll get the sound that’s heard in professional settings. They are easy to use download with a recent version of your software. FLAC is also affordable, so it won’t cost you an arm a leg like trying to get it on vinyl or CD would have.Yano hinaki Solo is the best choice if you want the highest quality FLAC files.

What is Yano Hinaki’s solo Album Flac?

Yano has just released her newest album. All the songs on the album are fun and contain some great lyrics. The singer wants to share his newfound happiness with everyone, so it is available on both digital and physical formats.

The track list can be found here:

  • Kaze no Uta- A song about wind
  • Kimi ga Iru Kara: Because you’re there
  • Takuyou – Promise
  • Hitorigoto – Just for now
  • Watashi ga Senaka Ni Naru – I have become someone else’s concern
  • Tomodachi ga Suki Na Mono – What I like about my friends
  • Ano Hana – That flower
  • Natsu no Hioku – Summer lesson
  • Wagamama Na Shitteiru: To desire too much
  • Kono mama de… – …for you

What tracks are on Yano’s solo album flac?

The following tracks are from the Yano hinaki solo album flac:

  • Sore wa itumo kitto hi
  • Kimi no Kioku
  • Ao ni Iku Yo
  • Haruka na Mirai
  • Sukiyaki
  • Tabidachi no Uta


Yano hinaki is a solo acoustic guitarist and recordist. His album flac collects recordings of 8 performances of his impressive arrangements, capturing the intimacy and quality that is missing in many other albums. This album can sound amazing even without EQ settings, so give it a try if you’re up for hearing something different.

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