Your Guide to Oil Storage Tanks


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Oil storage tanks are a critical part of any site where you deal with oil and products. There is serious risk and responsibility in storing petroleum.

Even if you are working with biofuels, you’re probably still handling fluids. Tank integrity, correct measuring, and recording of volumes can prevent major issues.

But what are oil storage tanks, and how do you choose the best solution?

Keep reading to learn some factors that you should consider to get the best oil storage tanks.

Aboveground Tanks

Aboveground storage tanks are the most common type of oil tank and come in either single- or double-wall construction, made from steel or plastic.

They are typically cylindrical with a domed top for gas storage. It also has a secondary external tank that acts as a containment barrier.

These tanks are typically pre-assembled and are designed to be installed above ground, either outside or inside a structure. They cost less than underground tanks and are generally easier to install, maintain, and inspect.

You can also discover more here about the various sizes, capacities, and types of oil that you can store. This will allow you to make more informed decisions.

Underground Tanks

Underground storage tanks (USTs) are helpful in many settings. The oil is hidden from public view and the surrounding environment.

These tanks are typically made from materials such as steel, plastic, or fiberglass. A well-built underground tank must withstand pressure from the soil and keep the oil safe inside.

Underground tanks are well-suited for storing fuel oil, diesel, and kerosene, in addition to hazardous waste and other chemicals. Underground storage tank installation is critical and usually necessitates the assistance of a professional.

Mobile/Portable Tanks

When considering oil tanks, the best option is to go with a mobile or portable oil tank. These tanks come in various sizes and have various options available.

This makes them a great choice for someone who needs an oil tank that can be moved around and transported easily. Mobile and portable oil tanks are generally easier to move and more secure than stationary tanks.

This makes them ideal for both residential and commercial sites. You can store your mobile or portable tank inside or outside, giving you the flexibility to move it when needed.

Fire-Rated Tanks

Fire-rated tanks are a type of oil storage tank that adds an extra layer of protection against fires. These tanks give superior fire resistance, as they are made from construction-grade materials that are thick enough to endure the heat generated by a nearby fire.

Fire-rated tanks are optimal for areas with high temperatures and fire risks. They can be built as both aboveground and underground tanks, with the appropriately rated fire protection coating applied.

These tanks have a long life span, high strength, and low maintenance costs, making them a cost-effective choice. They must be regularly checked and monitored to ensure that they are still effective against any emerging threats.

Evaluating Oil Storage Tanks for Your Needs

Oil storage tanks are an important part of any oil heating system. They are a great choice for industries and homeowners looking for an efficient way to store and use oil.

Investing in the right oil storage tank can be a great decision for any business or home. For more information, contact an oil storage tank professional today!

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