5 Surprising Facts About the Vikings


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Human evolution has changed over time, with more discoveries as time passed. Today we’re here to share how the Vikings were a fascinating civilization.

They dominated Northern Europe from the 8th to the 11th centuries and were known for their ferocity and conquests. Vikings were also skilled traders, navigators, and artisans!

Are you interested in learning more? Read on to discover five surprising facts about the Vikings that you might not have known!

1. They Didn’t Wear Horned Helmets

The stereotypical image of a Viking warrior wearing a horned helmet is a common misconception. There is no evidence in the history of the Vikings that they ever wore such helmets in battle!

The only known Viking helmet, the Gjermundbu helmet, dates back to the 10th century. It has a rounded top with no horns or wings.

2. A Sophisticated Legal System

While Viking’s history was known for the Viking’s ruthless pillaging and raiding, they had a sophisticated legal system ahead of their time. The Viking legal code, known as the “Thing,” was a system of local assemblies that governed various aspects of life.

It is best to know the actual Vikings facts about their legal systems. It included trading, disputes, and crimes! This legal system was democratic and allowed for the participation of all free men, not only the ruling elite!

3. Women Had more Rights than other European Women of Their Time

Viking women enjoyed more freedom and rights than women in other parts of Europe during the same period. Women in Viking society could own property, inherit wealth, and divorce their husbands!

Viking women were also allowed to participate in business and trade. All of these were uncommon in other parts of Europe. There are also records of Viking women serving as warriors and participating in battles!

4. Skilled Astronomers and Navigators

The Vikings were skilled astronomers and navigators who used the stars to navigate the seas. They used a sun compass to decide their direction during the day. There was also a “night compass” tool to navigate at night using the stars.

The Vikings also believed in a flat earth, and that horses carried the sun and moon across the sky. Despite this belief, they could navigate the seas with impressive accuracy. They established trade routes throughout Northern Europe and beyond!

5. They Were Clean and Well-groomed

Contrary to popular belief, the Vikings were a clean and well-groomed people. Archeological evidence shows that the Viking’s lifestyle was meticulous. They bathed weekly, which is more often than many of their European counterparts.

Most wore animal skin, but the wealthier Vikings dressed quite nicely. They wore colorful woolen garments and had elaborate headdresses. They also kept their beards long and groomed to express their political status and social identity.

Despite their ferocity, the Vikings appreciated fashion and luxury goods. They always took excellent care to dress appropriately and even had a Viking tunic!

Did You Find These Facts About The Vikings Interesting Too?

The Vikings were a complex and multifaceted civilization that affected the history of Europe. Despite their reputation as ruthless warriors, they had a sophisticated legal system and great value for personal hygiene.

These five facts about the Vikings are quite a shock. It’s impressive, and they hold progressive views on women’s rights! The legacy of the Vikings continues to fascinate and inspire people around the world today.

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