ESL and billingual education


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English is known as lingua franca – a language so common worldwide that it enables humanity to communicate without borders. It doesn’t matter what the persons nationality is as long as he or she speaks English fluently or at least on a communative level. Teaching English can be even more effective when combined with teaching school subjects. Such method of teaching is billingual education.

Two at once

The most interesting fact about billingual learning is providing context. Students need their education to have a meaning and billingual approach offers it to them easily. Learners must have some level of proficiency that enables them to understand basic English. Billingual learning is not for those students that are early begginers or know no English at all as it is crucial to understand information given. In practice, it could be teaching Geography or History in English. Other subjects that are frequently teached via bilingual method are: Math, Science and Social Studies. English is the language of instructions.

More than words

Creativity in teaching is what keeps students interested in a lesson and while in general teaching visual aids make lessons more attractive, in bilingual learning they are very important. Most frequently used visualities are: games, posters, videos. Even gestures are considered as visuals along with team-work. Good ESL lesson plans should cover students expectactions, be based on their current level and involve another subcject which is to be told.

Rules are still rules

The most important is that all students have a common language background. It means that all students in class should speak the same native language while in general ESL learning its not necessary. Students are engaged to think aloud by brainstorming, they are invited to join open discussions and short speechs. Everyone is equal and can be actively participating. The idea is to make students comfortable and increase their chances of strengthening social language skills. Use your own materials or ESL lesson plans prepared by other teachers.

Bilingual success

Bilingual approach gives students confidence and is getting more popularity itself. Dual language students have higher test scores, join discussions more frequently as they learnt to believe in their skills and most importantly, bilingual ESL students have better attendance. Later on, all those factors result in personal success because its teaching is all about opening minds and boosting self-confidence in learners.

Robert J
Robert J
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